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Florence Nightingale Archives Japan,
since May 1987

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Chairman Hitoe Kanai
Visiting researchers Kaoru Eto
Tethuo Oohara
Masao Shimada
Researchers Tomoko Aoki
Iida Daisuke
Ishikawa Keiko
Ito Kiyomi
Ito Taeko
Uozaki Sumi
Kawakami Yoshiaki
Kawachi Shinobu
Tokita Kayoko
Nakamura Atsuko
Nonaka Mieko
Hasegawa Ikuko
Matsumoto Kyoko
Miyaue Takako
Mochimaru Harumi
Mori Yumiko
Yokoyama Masako
Advisor Yoshihiko Kominami



  Our roles :
1.Collecting, organizing and preserving documents and books of Nightingale for researchers.

Nightingale wrote more than 150 published documents and 12,000 handwriting notes & letters. Most of them are now out of print and the remaining copies are owned by various holders all over the world. We have already collected a large number of her documents, and are currently preparing to set up a system to share our recourses worldwide for researchers to use. Our final aim is to be ‘the Nightingale Archives’ which can provide an easy access to her documents to those who want to learn about her and her thoughts.

2.Educating and spreading Nightingale’s nursing philosophy

Sickness or disease is Nature’s way of getting rid of the effects of conditions which have interfered with health. It is Nature’s attempt to cure -we have to help her. ( Nursing the sick, 1882)

After more than 100 years, her ideas of life and nursing still freshly enlighten us.

Florence Nightingale was not merely a philanthropist or a humanist as she is generally recognised. She was a great thinker who formed the fundamental ideas of nursing based on the law of life and human health she understood through her own experience, and who passionately devoted her life to put these ideas into practice.

We believe that her thoughts on nursing are not only the principle to lead nursing and caring practice, but also have a rare significance in the history of philosophy. It is the philosophy of life that sees a human society through the viewpoint of human health.

It is our important mission to introduce her ideas not only to the people from medical, nursing and caring professions, but also widely to the general public.
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